Date: Thursday 20 Marts 2018
Time:  9-12
Teacher: Lasse Sørensen
Place: Innovation House China-Denmark, Meeting Room Ground floor
Address: Indiakaj 20, 2100 Copenhagen Ø

The Workshop

You get knowledge, tools and sparring. We challenge you and share our experiences. You get clarity about the budgets, estimates and growth rates needed to plan the development of your business.

You will find out if you can turn up the prices without losing your customers. You will have tools for financial management of your business, including budgeting in general and sales budgets, as well as cost management, which can help to provide financial insight into the company’s further development.

Clean up your existing toolbox – and get room for the new tools that gives you insight into how to use bookkeeping and accounting to strengthen and develop your business.


This workshop gives you a  with a better insight into your business economics and a better overview of when and how to proceed with your growth plans. In addition, you get tools for working growth budgets and various elements of a sales budget.


Bring your computer and a digital version of the company budget as well as, if possible, a private budget.

About Lasse Sørensen

Lasse works with sparring and guidance to entrepreneurs and growth companies, and is annually in contact with 250-300 companies.

Lasse’s unique insight and extensive experience in business development and capitalization from around 1,000 companies provides a solid ballast for competent sparring and guidance in virtually all industries. Lasse is a graduate of cand.merc. from CBS and has a broad education in corporate finance, law and accounting.

He has worked as a business consultant in Amagerbanken and Danske Bank, where he worked closely with some of the country’s most innovative and successful companies. Lasse is a member of Connect Denmark, and has been an external advisor for the City of Copenhagen Municipality and ASE.

Lasse teaches funding in the Capital Entrepreneurship Program (HIP), is a supervisor for graduate students at DTU, mentor for MBA students at CBS and a frequently used lecturer in, among others, KEA, University of Copenhagen and DTU.


+45 3155 3035


Marienbergvej 132,
4760 Vordingborg