Two young entrepreneurs from Lolland-Falster in Denmark have taken the first step toward going global, with Britain as the first stop. After a week of meetings and visits to London and Oxford, the company Meptek is now preparing for the next visit to the U.K., to finalise its first international deal.

Meptek develops tools for optimising presentations, particularly for students and researchers whose studies and dissertations depend highly on a top-notch presentation – and whose quality of presentation can significantly make or break their future prospects.

A Classic Case

“This is a niche product with international potential. It’s a classic case of intelligent entrepreneurship, where a traditional field is innovated through modern technology,” says Mads Stærk, who is a business developer at Business Lolland-Falster and one of the Danish partners of the Lean Landing project.

Nicolaj Sand Rasmussen and Jakob Friis had the idea for Meptek while still studying at University College Zealand. Together, in 2015, they founded the company, and when a contact told them of the possibility of setting up in one of Business Lolland-Falster’s incubators, things took off.

“We have taught more than 3.000 students, and since October 2016 we have also developed tools within media and virtual reality technology to support our business model,” says Jakob Friis.

European Network

Through Væksthus Sjælland, Business Lolland-Falster has access to 26 growth facilities in six European countries, who are part of the EU funded project Lean Landing whose purpose it is to help growth oriented companies enter foreign markets. Mads Stærk saw Meptek as a strong candidate for the European network, and Jakob and Nicolaj accepted the challenge.

“Through the Lean Landing collaboration, we set up meetings with highly interesting potential business partners and clients, such as the growth facility Rinova in London. Meanwhile, Jakob and Nicolaj participated in a large education expo, where they pitched their product. They also had a meeting with the Danish Chamber of Commerce in London as well as the possibility of testing their product at a private school in Oxford,” says Mads Stærk.

In addition to providing valuable contacts, the EU financed project Lean Landing reimburses 50 percent of the company’s travel expenses.

Next Step

Meptek returned to Denmark in early February and are now preparing for the next trip abroad, where they will follow up on leads and possibilities.

“We take one step at a time, but we feel confident that we’ve made a good impression and that we have good options in the English market. It’s pretty amazing, because although we have worked hard and prepared well for the meetings in England, getting access to an international network has proven invaluable. So, too, has the support and help that we have gotten all around,” says Jakob Friis.

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