Boost your Market and Customers


Teachers: Lasse Sørensen and Kristian Lund

Tuesday 5 December 2017 at. 9-12

Location:  Lydens Hus (Copenhagen Sound), Gammel Kongevej 11, 4th floor, Meeting Room HIFI 1

You’ll get knowledge, tools and sparring regarding your market and your customers. We’ll work with areas such as branding and how to develop a strong strategy. We will share our experiences and we’ll challenge you in areas such as how to get closer to your customers and increase sales. You will also find out if you can turn up the prices without losing your customers. In addition, we will work together in the workshop on topics such as:

  • Know your market, customer and organization
  • Which marketing gives you the best value?
  • Get your network to grow and get new customers.Yield: You leave the workshop with better insight into the products and markets you need to focus on when your business is going to grow. You will get better competitive insights, which will give you inspiration to do things differently.

Bring your computer to the workshop and if you sell products they may be brought.

If you have pictures or anything that describes your products, please also bring it with you. In addition, you may want to collect information about the market and your competitors before the workshop.

The teaching is in English

Participation is free

About Lasse Sørensen
Lasse works with sparring and guidance to entrepreneurs and growth companies, and is annually in contact with 250-300 companies. Lasse’s unique insight and extensive experience in business development and capitalization from around 1,000 companies provides a solid ballast for competent sparring and guidance in virtually all industries. Lasse is a graduate of cand.merc. from CBS and has a broad education in corporate finance, law and accounting. He has worked as a business consultant in Amagerbanken and Danske Bank, where he has worked closely with some of the country’s most innovative and successful companies. Lasse is a member of Connect Denmark, and has been an external adviser for the City of Copenhagen Municipality and ASE. Lasse teaches funding in the Capital Entrepreneurship Program (HIP), is a supervisor for graduate students at DTU, mentor for MBA students at CBS and a frequently used lecturer in, among others, KEA, University of Copenhagen and DTU.

About Kristian Lund
Kristian has coached more than 1000 innovative startups across industries and is regularly used as an expert and mentor at full-time MBA at CBS, Startup Denmark, DTU and others. Kristian has been running internationalization projects for innovative companies focusing on England, Germany, Norway and Sweden for several years. He has previously been employed at the Embassy in Singapore and helped Danish companies with international launch in Southeast Asia. As project manager Kristian, he has 8 years of experience in compiling and implementing specialized international accelerator courses for startups and is an expert in developing performance-oriented training courses, including latest as a professional coordinator and adviser on the Entrepreneurial Pilot Scheme and the Food Startup Accelerator.


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